Whole View Marketing has helped hundreds of businesses adapt to the 21st century. We help migrate businesses to the cloud, run campaigns, develop channel strategies and much more. Our customers and partners are our heroes, and here are some featured highlights.

Become a Hero

Campaign Planning & Promos

WVM conducted multiple workshops on segmentation, events, promotional giveaways, and KPIs.

“Ken provided very helpful insights on customer life cycle, marketing strategies, tactics, and ROI.”  

-Jim L. , VP of Sales and Marketing

Channel Strategies

Ken consistently demonstrates a solid grasp of the relationship between the customer and the product. He is a pleasure to work with and is respected by colleagues and clients alike.

"He knows how to make the wheels turn, developing comprehensive sales and marketing strategies and is viewed by his peers as a true thought leader in his domain."

- Kevin D. , Business Development Leader, Global Alliances & Partner

Event & Channel Strategies

Running the western regional field marketing effort, I could always count on Ken for strategic council, mentoring, and collaborative brainstorming.

"WVM brings a depth of strategic field and partner marketing experience and new insights for the sales and partner teams."

- Jennifer S. , Northwest Region Marketing Manager

Brand and Campaign Strategies

WVM completed a brand refresh to modernize the brand, develop messaging to target personas, and highlight technology adoption gaps that led to new leads.

"We hired Whole View Marketing to build an end-to-end vertical marketing plan, budget, marketing calendar, and messaging framework.  The service was exceptional!"

- Richard W. , VP Sales

Entity Strategy

WVM took us through a comprehensive entity strategy formation, brand development, permitting, and campaign development in under 45 days.

"We are a happy customer and the service paid for itself many times over." 

- Tony C. , President

ABM Strategy and Enablement

WVM developed an ABM strategy, audience targeting, and new product introduction plan as well as sales enablement materials.

"So far, we’ve improved our sales effectiveness over 20%."

- Tom K. , President

Brand Development

WVM reviewed our company, brand, competitive positioning, pricing, packaging, channel, and campaigns, and developed a new end-to-end strategy and tactical plan.

"WVM adds valuable insights, helped protect our IP, created new business development partnerships, and we have enjoy working together!"  

-Henry L. , CEO