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Growing Seedlings Into Forests

WVM is a business consulting firm that began by working with Microsoft’s top global B2B channel partners to help them profitably evolve their businesses. Since 2011, we’ve worked with SMB to enterprise customers, in multiple industries including technology, manufacturing, distribution, services, sports, and CPG. We provide integrated strategies and tactics, wrapped with the right measurements, to help achieve your goals.



If you’re like most businesses, you’re busy and every minute counts. The cost of wasted time, fuzzy direction, and missed opportunities is frustrating and enormous. Sometimes it helps to have a partner collaborate to save time, ask some new questions, and offer a fresh perspective. We often start with an honest assessment of your strengths and struggles, and follow the path you want, at the depth you need to forge an integrated, omni-channel strategy and tactical plan.  

Engagement Process

You know your business, we humbly strive to bring best practices gleaned from decades of experience, across multiple industries and hundreds of customers. We augment your team in a highly collaborative fashion, while minimizing your workload as much as possible. Our engagements are based on your guidance, combined with our best practices, and a series of working session check ins to keep us on track at key milestones.    

Integrated Planning

Your brand and campaigns are a tightly interconnected ecosystem. Whether you are expanding into new geographies, industries, audiences, products, or business models, we want to help you grow your business. We can also help you hold onto the existing customers you have, as well as drive referrals – all sprouting from your long and short range plans.  

The Forest AND The Trees

The quaking aspen offers an apt metaphor for your business and our company.  Like your business and campaign plans, it is an interconnected colony of trees and a healthy grove forms one of the largest living organisms on Earth. Like aspen groves, we also believe we are interconnected and integral parts of our communities, but more about our brand later!

Who We've Helped

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